Incremental purge?

Jesus Cea jcea at
Mon Aug 24 08:30:29 EEST 2020

On 24/8/20 7:12, Fabien KOCIK wrote:
> First, extract user list using doveadm users '*'.
> Then process this list to fit your needs (seven parts for a week and a
> part processed by week day for example).
> Finally, use -u option of doveadm purge into a loop.

This is a good idea for installations with tons of users. Good point.

I would be personally interested in incremental purge per user. My
personal IMAP account, for instance, has at this moment about 40GB of
mdbox files. I keep most of my email for decades, but sure I could free
some space doing a purge, but I am scared of trying with 200.000 mdbox
files without knowing how long it would take.

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