[Dovecot] "important" flag

Rick Jones rick at activeservice.co.uk
Sun May 23 12:19:01 EEST 2004

Hi Timo

--On 23 May 2004 04:58 +0300 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> wrote:
> Hmm.. Currently Dovecot sets the \Recent flag by checking if mail is in
> new/ directory. I guess I'll have to do some changes to also set \Recent
> if it's in cur/ but isn't in dovecot-uidlist file..

But would that be right? If I copy an old (not-recent) message into another 
mailbox, I'm not sure I want it flagged 'recent' in its new location. I'd 
prefer the 'recent' state to be like any other flag, and be preserved with 
the message - either on or off.

>> > I think with Sieve LDA it would work also by storing the mail directly
>> > into cur/ directory.
>> Seems to make sense - think I need to learn more about Sieve :-/
> Sieve looks nice enough language for mail filtering. Now if I only could
> get Dovecot to support it :)

You pre-empted my next question! I was half-expecting Sieve to be available 
as a separate server, but it looks like it needs to be integrated into the 
IMAP server. It's clearly the way Cyrus does it. Any plans?


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