[Dovecot] "important" flag

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun May 23 16:11:28 EEST 2004

On 23.5.2004, at 12:19, Rick Jones wrote:

>> Hmm.. Currently Dovecot sets the \Recent flag by checking if mail is 
>> in
>> new/ directory. I guess I'll have to do some changes to also set 
>> \Recent
>> if it's in cur/ but isn't in dovecot-uidlist file..
> But would that be right? If I copy an old (not-recent) message into 
> another mailbox, I'm not sure I want it flagged 'recent' in its new 
> location. I'd prefer the 'recent' state to be like any other flag, and 
> be preserved with the message - either on or off.

\Recent flags are a bit useless for human purposes anyway if you're 
using multiple IMAP clients concurrently to access the mailbox. Only 
one of the sessions sees the message as recent. So it's mostly useful 
for things like client-side filtering or other message processing. For 
that purpose I think it's better to set the \Recent flag again while 
copying the message. Besides, that's what RFC requires and I'd do 
anyway :)

I've however thought about \Recent-like flag which works nicer with 
multiple sessions.  For that the flag might be better if it \Recent 
wasn't set when copying. Hmm. I can't find that message in web archives 
anymore, here: http://dovecot.org/tmp/recent.txt

Maybe call it \New or something :)

> You pre-empted my next question! I was half-expecting Sieve to be 
> available as a separate server, but it looks like it needs to be 
> integrated into the IMAP server. It's clearly the way Cyrus does it. 
> Any plans?

It doesn't really need to be integrated with IMAP, but it does need to 
know where the mailboxes are stored and in which format. So using 
Dovecot's mailbox library it should be easier than creating a 
completely separate thing. It's planned, but I'm not sure when exactly 
I'll implement it.

You could also try Mark Mallet's http://www.mvmf.org/test/ which I 
heard provides Sieve support but I still haven't looked at that 
myself.. :)
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