[Dovecot] dovecot and new mail notification for subfolders in Mail.app

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Oct 25 16:47:40 EEST 2004

On 23.10.2004, at 18:07, Alan Schmitt wrote:

> I am using dovecot as an IMAP server to which Mail.app (Apple Mail)
> connects.  However I do not get any notification of new mails in 
> folders
> other than the inbox, unless I disconnect and reconnect Mail.app or
> click on the folder with new mail.

I found this applescript some time ago, but stopped using it because 
mail.app started crashing more often then. But that was a year ago or 
so.. Maybe it works more nicely nowadays:

on checkMail()
	tell application "Mail"
		set everyAccount to every imap account
		repeat with eachAccount in everyAccount
			tell eachAccount
				set include when getting new mail to false
				set include when getting new mail to true
			end tell
		end repeat
	end tell
end checkMail

on run
end run

on idle
	return 60
end idle

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