[Dovecot] dovecot and new mail notification for subfolders in Mail.app

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Mon Oct 25 17:00:11 EEST 2004

Le 25 oct. 04, à 15:47, Timo Sirainen a écrit :

> On 23.10.2004, at 18:07, Alan Schmitt wrote:
>> I am using dovecot as an IMAP server to which Mail.app (Apple Mail)
>> connects.  However I do not get any notification of new mails in 
>> folders
>> other than the inbox, unless I disconnect and reconnect Mail.app or
>> click on the folder with new mail.
> I found this applescript some time ago, but stopped using it because 
> mail.app started crashing more often then. But that was a year ago or 
> so.. Maybe it works more nicely nowadays:
> on checkMail()
> 	tell application "Mail"
> 		set everyAccount to every imap account
> 		repeat with eachAccount in everyAccount
> 			tell eachAccount
> 				set include when getting new mail to false
> 				set include when getting new mail to true
> 			end tell
> 		end repeat
> 	end tell
> end checkMail
> on run
> 	checkMail()
> end run
> on idle
> 	checkMail()
> 	return 60
> end idle

Thanks a lot, I'll have to try this (someone else sent me this script 
directly as well). This seems like such an obvious feature that it's 
surprising Mail.app doesn't have it yet.

Alan Schmitt
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