[Dovecot] dsync, hard-links and refcounts

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Feb 13 16:40:05 EET 2012

On 13.2.2012, at 16.16, Christoph Bußenius wrote:

> when creating a copy of a mail, dovecot provides a feature that will store its contents only once.  In maildir, this is done by means of hard links, while mdbox has some special refcounting mechanism.
> My question is, how can we convert mails from maildir to mdbox without duplicating these copies?  It seems that dsync does not detect the hard links.  Even if the hard-linked mails have the same GUID listed in dovecot-uidlist, dsync creates multiple instances of the text.
>  - Is there some way to make dsync notice the hard links? (I used
>    dovecot 2.0.17)

It should deduplicate when GUIDs are the same.. I guess I'll have to look into why it's not working.

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