[Dovecot] domain quota in sql

Adam Szpakowski as at 3a.pl
Wed Feb 15 21:09:18 EET 2012

On 15.02.2012 14:05, Timo Sirainen wrote:
>> Is there a way to add domainname as another collumn in dbase? This will
>> simplify the SQL query and the GROUP BY could be used.
> Not currently. Perhaps for v2.2 dict-sql redesign.
It will be great feature.
> Well, yeah, it kind of works, but not 100% :) Anyway, why is the rescan
> a problem anyway? Does your domain quota value keep breaking? In normal
> operation it should work fine.
Domain quota gathering based on config examples works "funny". Its the 
best description I can get (yes, very descriptive ;) ).
There are both entries for users (user at domain) and domains. It is not 
making sense for me, so I'm assuming that its the missing percentage of 
the working part ;)

Tu sum-up the thread. I went for updating periodically the basic quota 
table with missing domain names. Working great.
Thanks all for suggestions.
Adam Szpakowski

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