DoveCot Virtual Mailboxes With MySql

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Fri Dec 3 04:38:59 UTC 2021

PLEASE HELP - Dovecot Virtual Mailboxes Using MySql

I have a thread detailing my problem with config here:


VPS Ubuntu 20.04 postfix 3.4.13 and dovecot

I've got multiple domains each having multiple emails.

I'm using Virtual Mailboxes and MySql.

My first domain: has an MX pointing at
You can easily verify it. The IP address shown on is:
ge>  which is my VPS IP address.


I have a virtual_domains record in mysql with as the domain.

I have an email address mailadm at
<mailto:mailadm at>  in virtual_users in mysql.

In the client app: Thunderbird the imap server is set as

I can't connect that user to the mailbox from Thunderbird.

If I change the imap server in Thunderbird to the mailbox
will connect

I can't send an email to mailadm at
<mailto:mailadm at> . It bounces whether MySql = or


I've tried both and in the database
record and in Thunderbird.

I just can't make it work.

PLEASE HELP! How can I resolve this problem?


Kristy Atkins

ViviData SaaS


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