Expunged message reappeared

Claudio Corvino ccorvino at trustitalia.it
Fri Dec 3 16:50:30 UTC 2021


I have two IMAP/LMTP Dovecot server in replica (version, I use 
LDAP/AD for /userdb, /replica is working, but sometimes I get these 
errors into log:

Dec  3 15:47:15 xxx dovecot: imap(xxx)<28251><TOSxmj7SPRYloY5/>: 
Warning: Maildir /mnt/mail-storage-lv0007/xxx/Maildir: Expunged message 
reappeared, giving a new UID (old uid=233140, 

The user delete the message and then the message reappears into mail 
client after one second.

Does anybody knows how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance

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