modernizing dovecot.conf

Laura Steynes laura.steynes72 at
Thu Dec 30 02:34:46 UTC 2021

Happy Holidays,
And if you like me are working throughout so more senior engineers get
their holidays, my condolences hah

Taking the time to bring our dovecot.conf into the 2021/22 era .since its
quiet time of year,
Do I read it right that where we have things like
service imap {
        process_limit = 1024
        executable = imap imap-postlogin

are not needed now ?
and process limit is a global option?

things like  pop3/imap_client_workarounds = fooy
are now global options, not to be in protocol { }  sections ?

I am reading the example conf files and see these outside the protocol
sections where they have in the past lived, this is what makes me think
they are now global and not needed in sub sections. but I may be missing
some linking going from file to file , we have forever updated our single
config file, just fixing whatever breaks when major versions break
something,  easier to find options in one file, rather than trying to sift
through 40 included files like I am looking at now :-)
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