Error: fts_solr: received invalid uid

John Fawcett john at
Fri Dec 31 14:09:21 UTC 2021

On 30/12/2021 19:14, oliver.krone at wrote:
> I'm using dovecot 2.3.13,  solr 8.x. and roundcube 1.5.1. However when 
> I do a search I get the the Error: fts_solr: received invalid uid, 
> search results are ok.
> Thanks
Presumably one of the uid returned from solr could not be decoded (i.e. 
converted to an int). The offending uid should have been printed as part 
of the message. If you need to get more info you could investigate what 
is being returned by solr running the exact same query from a browser if 
you're able to retrieve it from the solr log.

Alternatively you could set rawlog_dir in the fts_solr dovecot settings 
and then look at what is being sent back from solr in the .in file that 
is logged.


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