[Dovecot] Dovecot 1.1rc9 strange messages

Raphael Bittencourt S. Costa raphaelbscosta at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 17:37:09 EEST 2008

Helo all,

I'm working on a migration from qmail+courier+maildrop to postfix
+dovecot1.1+lda and today the logs has too many strange messages like

Jun 12 10:51:22 mailserver03 dovecot: IMAP(xxxxl at xxxx.com.br): Broken
file /data/services/dominios/xx.com.br/m/ma/mapel//Maildir/.Sent/dovecot-uidlist line 29: UID larger than next_uid (535 >= 535)
Jun 12 10:51:26 mailserver03 dovecot: POP3(xxxx at xxxxx.com.br): Broken
file /data/services/dominios/bx.com.br/n/no/nordeste//Maildir/dovecot-uidlist line 2: UID larger than next_uid (12 >= 12)

Should I worry about this? Why dovecot-uidlist is getting broken?


Raphael Costa

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