[Dovecot] dovecot >1.1.3 + antispam plugin issues

Marcin Rzepecki marcin at pac.com.pl
Mon Nov 24 01:10:08 EET 2008

i have following problems using dovecot-antispam plugin (Dovecot >1.1.3,
FreeBSD 8.0-Current, dovecot-antispam 1.0/1.1)
dovecot-antispam compiled using dspam-exec/mailtrain, with/wo debugging
(i've tried all possibilities)

When i try to move message to SPAM folder (using dspam-exec backend) i'm
getting IMAP error: antispam signature not found and in dovecot logs:
Nov 23 23:44:24 freebsd dovecot: IMAP(mr): Next message unexpectedly
lost from 2708619

Using mail backend gives this error too(only IMAP error changes: failed
to read mail beggining).

Commenting out following code in mbox_read_from_line function (in
src/lib-storage/index/mbox/istream-raw-mbox.c) helped and plugin was
working correctly, but only with Dovecot <=1.1.3.

if (stream->istream.v_offset -
    rstream->hdr_offset + new_pos > rstream->mail_size) {
        /* istream_raw_mbox_set_next_offset() used invalid
           cached next_offset? */
        i_error("Next message unexpectedly lost from %"PRIuUOFF_T,
                rstream->hdr_offset + rstream->mail_size);
        rstream->eof = TRUE;
        rstream->corrupted = TRUE;
        rstream->istream.istream.stream_errno = EINVAL;
        stream->pos = 0;
        return -1;

Now, with versions >1.1.3 this won't helps and plugin fails. Anyone
knows how to get it working? I would like to upgrade to newest dovecot

Best regards,

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