[Dovecot] dovecot >1.1.3 + antispam plugin issues

Jakob Curdes jc at info-systems.de
Thu Nov 27 21:28:54 EET 2008

Marcin Rzepecki wrote:
> When i try to move message to SPAM folder (using dspam-exec backend) i'm
> getting IMAP error: antispam signature not found and in dovecot logs:
> Nov 23 23:44:24 freebsd dovecot: IMAP(mr): Next message unexpectedly
> lost from 2708619
HMMM. Same here. DC 1.1.5 with mbox.
> Using mail backend gives this error too(only IMAP error changes: failed
> to read mail beggining).
Oops, and I tried half of last night to get the mail backend working ...
> Commenting out following code in mbox_read_from_line function (in
> src/lib-storage/index/mbox/istream-raw-mbox.c) helped and plugin was
> working correctly, but only with Dovecot <=1.1.3.
> if (stream->istream.v_offset -
>     rstream->hdr_offset + new_pos > rstream->mail_size) {
>         /* istream_raw_mbox_set_next_offset() used invalid
>            cached next_offset? */
>         i_error("Next message unexpectedly lost from %"PRIuUOFF_T,
>                 rstream->hdr_offset + rstream->mail_size);
>         rstream->eof = TRUE;
>         rstream->corrupted = TRUE;
>         rstream->istream.istream.stream_errno = EINVAL;
>         stream->pos = 0;
>         return -1;
> }
So that's code from dovecot itself. If that really helped (did you check 
that the messages really were trained by dspam?) there is some problem 
between the antispam plugin and the main code. But I think the part you 
commented out is only the end of the story. Can it be that there is some 
counting problem when the plugin looks for the inserted message? Timo?
> Now, with versions >1.1.3 this won't helps and plugin fails.
Duh, at leas I could downgrade to 1.1.3 and get it working  - probably a 
bad idea though.


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