[Dovecot] help on migrating some old Maildirs

Brad Davidson brandond at uoregon.edu
Wed Jul 14 23:12:39 EEST 2010

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> > 2) is there any way of having dovecot to calculating the S= and W=
> > parameters and renaming those files and, thus, avoiding some negative
> > impact caused by the lack of them ?
> Anyway, the filenames themselves can't be renamed, because
> the ,S=xx,W=yy is part of the "maildir base filename", and changing it
> assigns a new UID for the message.

If he's restoring from an old machine (they're not currently indexed by Dovecot on the new server), they're going to get a new UID when Dovecot finds them anyway, right?

If he copied them from the old server into folder/new on the new one, would Dovecot add the S and W flags when it moves them to folder/cur?


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