[Dovecot] Doveadm director flush/remove

Brad Davidson brandond at uoregon.edu
Thu Jul 15 01:00:48 EEST 2010


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> From: Timo Sirainen [mailto:tss at iki.fi]
> Yes, that's what it was intended to do.

OK. I guess I had figured that removing it from the director would also kill any active proxy sessions, but that's obviously not the case.. it just removes the host from the list and any mappings from the hash.

> Hmh.. I guess that would be nice, but also a bit annoying to do. It
> would require each login process to have a connection to director
> process, and currently there's no such connection (except for the notify
> fifo, but that's wrong way).

Maybe something as simple as killing any login proxies that are talking to the selected backend, or are proxying for users that are mapped to the selected backends? Or maybe the Directors don't know enough to do that? I'm thinking like 'doveadm kick' for proxy connections, since who/kick doesn't work on the Director, just backends.

While I'm making a wishlist... 'doveadm director status <ipaddr>' to show list of users mapped to a host? Or maybe just 'doveadm director status -v' to show list of users instead of just user count.

> > like I'd done 'doveadm direct add HOSTNAME 0 && doveadm director
> > flush HOSTNAME' before removing it?
> But that does almost the same thing as remove.

You're right. I see that FLUSH just does the 'remove any mappings' bit that REMOVE does, and ADD with a 0 count is effectively the same as removing it from the list. For some reason I was thinking of this as 'flush out (kill) any active proxy sessions'.


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