[Dovecot] authenticate plain and utf-8 with special chars

Matthias Lay matthias.lay at securepoint.de
Tue Jul 31 12:42:20 EEST 2012


I experienced some problems with authenticate. 

seems like the mail clients like thunderbird send their base64 string in
ISO- encoding, which doesnt work on my dovecot setup if there are some

I am not able to login as 
 "ömer" for example

If I authenticate from telnet with an base64 encoded utf-8 string like
 'echo -en "\0ömer\0Start12" |base64'
everything works fine

-dovecot 2.1.7
-userdb is an openldap which queries an windows AD so results are in
utf8, I think.

any clues at which point to fix this are welcome ;)

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