[Dovecot] quota-status not working in distributed environment

Ben Morrow ben at morrow.me.uk
Thu Jun 13 18:07:49 EEST 2013

At 12PM +0200 on 13/06/13 you (Benoit Panizzon) wrote:
> Or is the postfix policy daemon call to the quota-status socket documented 
> somewhere (it must be, but where?) so we could implement it from within the 
> Milter? (we use the sendmail Milter API from postfix to filter spam and 
> viruses, do sender/recipient rewriting, forward bounce matching, rate 
> limmiting, login/IP statistics to block botnets abusing phished addresses and 
> legal intercept stuff anyway)

The quota-status protocol is just the ordinary Postfix policy delegation
protocol, documented in Postfix's SMTPD_POLICY_README. I would have
thought that if you give 'service quota-status' an inet_listener you
could have the Postfix policy check the quota on several machines over
the network, though of course the policy protocol has absolutely no
security so you may not want to do that.


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