[Dovecot] quota-status not working in distributed environment

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Fri Jun 14 09:15:28 EEST 2013

Hi Ben

thank you for your reply.

> The quota-status protocol is just the ordinary Postfix policy delegation
> protocol, documented in Postfix's SMTPD_POLICY_README. I would have
> thought that if you give 'service quota-status' an inet_listener you
> could have the Postfix policy check the quota on several machines over
> the network, though of course the policy protocol has absolutely no
> security so you may not want to do that.

Well security is not such an issue as the mailservers are in a lan where 
access from outside (to prevent direct access to LMTP and other ports) is 
restricted anyway. So yes, they could connect that policy port from each 
other. But doing three connects (or even more if we add more servers) for each 
incomming email could cause scaling issues or performance issues if one server 
becomes laggy for some reason.
I read about the policy protocol. It's quite simple (compared with sendmail 
I will directly connect to the policy service on the correct machine from 
wihtin the milter. The milter has to do a database query anyway so I get the 
mailbox hostname in the same query. So I can do a IO::Socket::INET connect to 
the right machine which knows the quota of that recipient.

Btw, the quota-status just return DUNNO or 'Quota Full'. Is there a similar 
easy way to check the ammount of quota used? I could then update that 
information in the database and use it to, for example find abandoned 

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