[Dovecot] quota-status not working in distributed environment

Ben Morrow ben at morrow.me.uk
Fri Jun 14 19:06:36 EEST 2013

At  8AM +0200 on 14/06/13 you (Benoit Panizzon) wrote:
> It's quite simple (compared with sendmail milter). I will directly
> connect to the policy service on the correct machine from wihtin the
> milter. The milter has to do a database query anyway so I get the
> mailbox hostname in the same query. So I can do a IO::Socket::INET
> connect to the right machine which knows the quota of that recipient.
> Btw, the quota-status just return DUNNO or 'Quota Full'. Is there a
> similar easy way to check the ammount of quota used? I could then
> update that information in the database and use it to, for example
> find abandoned mailboxes.

Not as far as I know, but if you're talking to a database anyway why not
get Dovecot to store its quota information in the database directly (see
wiki2/Quota/Dict)? That way you don't need to talk to Dovecot at all.


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