[Dovecot] Sieve file permission problem

Daniel Parthey d.parthey at metaways.de
Wed Jun 19 19:40:12 EEST 2013

Please provide permission details of the affected directories and files and possibly error messages from dovecot logfile.


Zoltan Lippai <zoli at lippai.net> schrieb:

>Hi folks, 
>I am using dovecot 2.1.7 with the ManageSieve plugin which works great.
>Recently I set up Afterlogic webmail on my server (the community
>version) and it has a nice UI to manage the sieve settings. It uses
>port 2000 to communicate with dovecot via the ManageSieve plugin. Also,
>dovecot uses Maildirs to store the messages.
>The problem is that the permissions on the files that store the sieve
>rules are to strict.
>I am talking about the "sieve" directory and the .dovecot.sieve file. 
>The sieve folder has a chmod 700 and the .dovecot.sieve is chmod 600.
>Both are owned by vmail:mail
>If I delete these two items, then the rules can be saved via the web
>interface. Then these files are created but for some reason the
>ManageSieve plugin can't modify them.
>Here is the output of dovecot -n:
>Can you help me out on this?
>Thanks a lot!

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