Trouble getting listescape plugin to work with "$" separator (as demonstrated in Wiki) in Dovecot 2.2.9

Teemu Huovila teemu.huovila at
Fri Oct 3 07:37:27 UTC 2014

On 10/02/2014 05:23 PM, Ben Johnson wrote:
> Now, the only problem I see is that when I attempt to create a new
> folder beneath the Inbox (whether it contains a "." or not), the folder
> appears at the root-level of the IMAP account, at the same level as the
> Inbox itself. The folder name is "INBOX.My Folder".
> Also, if I try to select the folder and view its contents, I receive the
> error, "Mailbox doesn't exist: INBOX.My Folder". But this may simply be
> a product of a misconfiguration on my part.
Namespace configuration can be a bit difficult. I urge you to read the wiki page on namespaces carefully and test which
configuration works with your mail clients. It might be as easy, as renaming the namespace you have now to inbox, eg:
namespace INBOX {
    inbox = yes
    location =
    prefix =
    separator = $
    type = private

If that is not what you meant, or does not work for your clients, try with several namespaces and setting the "prefix" in them.

Teemu Huovila

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