Invoking the spam checker on the sieve script

Robert Schetterer rs at
Thu Oct 23 15:56:49 UTC 2014

Am 23.10.2014 um 17:11 schrieb Alejandro Exojo:
> Hi.
> TL/DR version:
> Is it advisable to invoke an spam checker from the sieve script, and then, 
> once the message is filtered, decide if should be moved to a certain spam 
> folder?

why not use i.e spamass milter with postfix to flag, and then use sieve
global rule to sort in Users Imap Junk Folder, to download SPAM Mails in
imap Junk folder via pop3 to , use dovecot virtual plugin


sorry german only but configs should speak for its own

> A bit more context on why I'm considering this:
> I'm just a geek who wants to handle his own mail, but not a great experience 
> as a system administrator. I don't have any corporate setup, just a simple VPS 
> with me as the only user.
> Previously I fetched all my mail through POP, and in the client of my PC I 
> moved (lots of) mailing list traffic to its folders. Then, for those remaining 
> messages (and only those remaining) I passed the spam filter and moved to spam 
> folder. That's a significant saving since I have many mailing list 
> subscriptions, and now I'm even using rss2email, so I have lots of email that 
> is not spam.
> I moved to IMAP and my filters are server side with sieve, but I don't have 
> spam filtering yet. I thought I could replicate the setup easily, but it seems 
> nobody is doing that, and everyone has the mail already scored when it reaches 
> sieve. Seems like the "extprograms" extension would be a fit, but again, nobody 
> seems to mention on documentation, so I'm fearing I'm probably wrong.
> Suggestions?

i dont get what your problem is exactly
but looks like you wanna pre sort mail about other stuff  ( i.e. sender
) and doing spam sort at last, should be no problem with a sieve user
rule if spam score is allready in the mail ( flagged by spamassassin
before) etc

> Thank you very much!

i wouldnt use extprograms for spam scanning, i see no need for it

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