Couldn't set transaction log view (seq 9..13)

micah micah at
Mon May 25 15:13:46 UTC 2015

Hi Timo,

Thanks for your quick response, apologies for my slow one.

Timo Sirainen <tss at> writes:

>> I'm using 2.2.13 on Debian stable, and I perform regular dsync
>> backups. Typically if there is an error, dsync can recover from it the
>> next time it is run, but I've been encountering a new error that doesn't
>> seem to self-heal:
>> # /usr/bin/dsync -u micah backup ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa backmaildir at internal.example /usr/bin/dsync -u micah
>> dsync-remote(micah): Error: /srv/maildirbackups/m/micah/daily.1/mailboxes/INBOX/dbox-Mails/dovecot.index: Couldn't set transaction log view (seq 9..13)
>> dsync-remote(micah): Error: Failed to read transaction log for mailbox INBOX
>> Re-running the dsync never fixes the issue.
>> I'm happy to provide any additional information if so required to help
>> track down this problem!
> Can you create a tarball of such mailbox directories that reproduces the problem? Probably this would work:
>  - copy source and destination dboxes to /tmp/test/1 and /tmp/test/2
>  - delete all the mailboxes except INBOX

I noticed an interesting bit of information doing this: the users that
are having a problem have no dbox-Mails directory in their
source mailboxes/INBOX directory - but on the destination where I am
sending the backups, there is one. If I remove the backup's INBOX/ and
then re-do the dsync, things work again.

>  - delete all the u.* files from the INBOXes. This probably doesn't
>  affect the dsync run - if it does run the mails instead through

I have no u.* files on either side. There are m.* files though?

>  - delete dovecot.index.cache files
>  - make sure you can still reproduce this error by running: doveadm -o
>  mail=sdbox:/tmp/test/1 sync sdbox:/tmp/test/2

did you mean s/sdbox/mdbox/ here?

also, I was using 'backup' and not sync, I dont know if that matters?

I tried this with some that had issues, but I couldn't reproduce the
error this way :p

>  - tar czf test.tar.gz /tmp/test
> Then send the tarball to me and I can fix the bug. Oh, also it would
> be a good idea to test with a newer Dovecot version since there are
> some indexing fixes since v2.2.13..

I'm working on getting a newer version of dovecot installed to test

> Also I added some code that should give a better-debuggable error message if this happens:

great, this will certainly be helpful!


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