[g.danti at assyoma.it: [Dovecot] Re: Questions about hardlinks, alternate storage and compression]

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Fri Nov 27 08:44:51 UTC 2015

> centos 7.x is latest, so if you need help upgrade make a bug report to
> centos, not waste your time here since you choiced a precompiled
> problem, reporting here 7s helpfull if you use dovecot compiled with
> the latest version here, this migth be a unknown bug you then have
> found, but not if you use precompiled problems, then report to the
> maintainers of such software

does it means that when you use before_sieve and after_sieve in your 
dovecot configuration the hard-linking part works?

I don't need help to upgrade to CentOS 7.x, but before going this route 
I would understand if this is how dovecot/pigenhole are expected to work 
(don't use hardlinks) or if I misconfigured something.

RedHat / CentOS are a very common base OS, so I wonder if I am the only 
one hitting this problem or no.

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