"failed to map segment from shared object" in sieve pipe

Dorian Taylor dorian.taylor.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 02:53:52 EET 2018

> On Mar 21, 2018, at 5:47 PM, Robert L Mathews <lists at tigertech.com> wrote:
> Probably normal. VSZ includes the total size of all shared objects
> mapped into the process address space, whether it's actually used or
> not; it's much larger than the memory actively used (which is somewhat
> related to "RSS”).

Ahh yes of course. That makes sense.

> We had to increase the Dovecot vsz_limit to 1 GB (!!!) because it would
> occasionally run out of 256 MB VSZ memory when doing FTS indexing at
> delivery time. A bunch of large Perl modules could conceivably do that, too.

This is just an address on a lonely internal box with a little attachment-ingesting bot-like thing that gets a message about once a week, so luckily not much needed in the concurrency department.

> I'd set it to 1 GB instead of zero, though, and see if that works. You
> probably want *SOME* limit in case of real problems.

Noted. Good idea.

Dorian Taylor
Make things. Make sense.

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